Meet Our Staff!!

We like to think relationships right up front ! We want you to get to know us. We are like you, we have a story and like to think that we will earn your trust and respect to be offered the chance to design, build and create signage to help you build your business.

Jess De Paoli

Design & Production

Who: Just your average enthusiastic employee!
Likes: Sweating out at the gym, delish food, summer holidays and tequila.
Dislikes: Hangovers and creepy crawlies.
Wish List: Explore the world.

Mick George

The Signwriter

With great risk comes great Success!
Who?  A solution to your signage problems!
Likes:  New surfboards, Traditional Signs, Letterheads, Old dogs.
Dislikes:  Cold weather and dirty shoes.
Wish List:  More Artificial Reefs. More Holidays!